Kriss Kyle Curved Wallride to Barrel Roll

Anything from Kriss Kyle is awesome, but this is some next level shit. Can't wait to see him do that in the streets!


Harrymania 2

Here's almost 4 minutes of exactly what you would expect from Harry Main. Just press play.


Semenuk Wins Joyride 2014

Let's get straight to the point: Crankworx Joyride was completely insane. Shoutout to all the riders, but especially to the Ontarian homies Logan Peat for his 4th place and Brett Rheeder for his 2nd! I really wish Rheeder didn't fall during his second run because he definitely had what it took to win this. Either way, it was a super tight battle for the first spot, check out Semenuk's INSANE run above!

Here's the top 5:

1st - Brandon Semenuk
2nd - Brett Rheeder
3rd - Anthony Messere
4th - Logan Peat
5th - Louis Reboul


Doug Sassaman & Andrew Kuntz Roadtrippin'

"We drove 14100 miles around North America for 2 months and we managed to only get 4 minutes of good footage mostly cuz we were drinking and drivin." Super sick video, looks like an awesome time and they've got lines! Starts off really chill but ends with a couple sick tricks!


Loose Fest Official Highlights

The size of the jumps at this event will make any of you feel like a pussy next time you go dirt jumping. That's right, we are now at the point where Mountain Bikers can ride jumps with MX Riders...


Logan Martin - This is Me

Logan talks about what BMX is to him and rides some skateparks while throwing a lot of tricks I had never seen before. The last 2 are INSANE!