Walter Mayerhofer

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Date Of Birth: 07/11/1989
Hometown: Salzburg, Austria, currently living in Barcelona, Spain
Sponsors: The Rise, Setup Clothing, Pride Street
I actually started skateboarding when I was like 13 or something and I thought I stick with it, as all my friends got shitty MTBs and started riding more and more in our local woods I thought I had to get one too because it sucked to skate alone. We soon started to build some jumps in those woods and from there on I was sure that this is something I wanna keep doing. I started to meet John and a bunch of other kids that just started riding and it was amazing to have such a big crew to ride with everyday! Years went by and a lot of them stopped riding to get cars and stuff like that and only a handful of guys sticked with riding but this was no problem as we started traveling all around Europe and North America and we met more and more riders. Some of those riders turned out to not only be people I ride with, they turned out as my best friends.