Matt Macduff

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Date Of Birth: 04/11/1991
Hometown: Claremont, Canada

Sponsors: The Rise, Kali Protectives, O’Neal, Industry Nine, Azonic, Fox.

"Mom brought me into the world in 1991, learned to ride a bike at 2 and a half but didn’t start riding MTB until I was 14. When I started out it was all about drops and ladder bridges so I spent most of my time in the woods trying to be the Claw! Next thing I knew I was spending more and more time in the skate park. When I was 18 I got sponsored by Dobermann bikes, went to New York for a contest and met Michel, Jeremy, Louis, and Vincent. The Rise was born and we haven’t looked back since! Today I put the products to the test, and help the boys with whatever I can! "