Louis Lhomel

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Date Of Birth: 11/18/1990
Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Sponsors: The Rise
"Born in France in 1990, Louis Lhomel already had big dreams. After moving over the great sea to reach the land of the brave, Louis finds the immaculate road to his destiny in the shape of a bicycle. This tool eventually shaped the world around him. Through his ability to manipulate the bicycle, Louis's been able to meet numerous people which are now commonly known as his best friends. ''We're only living in the memories of our future selves, and it's fun to think like we're here right now... but we never really are, 'cause we're somewhere in the future, controlling the options, giving lots of hints to ourselves in order for us to understand that choice is still important in a world where you gotta figure some stuff out''. Louis is a man of many words, but perhaps his most relevant times are behind the camera where he can actually shows how the intricate relations of information are divided by his brain. ''What I want to do with a video is to make something look as awesome as it is in real life, or to make the viewer feel like he is part of the reality of what he is watching, even if it's not real''. Now working at The Rise as Media Director, his mission is to open up the brain of the world like a Guava, in order to pour the legacy of the ever growing bike company."