Johannes Neuhauser

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Date Of Birth: 08/01/1988
Hometown: Innsbruck, Austria
Sponsors: The Rise, Setup Clothing
"I moved to Innsbruck in 2013 after I quit my Job as a radiological engineer in Salzburg. I knew Innsbruck because I studdied there for 3 years and I still love it. I started riding when I was 15 or 16 years old after I watched some crazy videos on my laptop in school during class. (I think it was KRANKED or something like that.) It did not take to long and I got to know Walter who's now one of my best friends and for sure one of the best guys around. We started riding together and pushed each other forward, like when he learned a trick I had to learn it to. The only sad thing about that is he got better than me sometimes. Later, Walter hooked me up with The Rise Crew which I am still stoked about. I love and enjoy riding as much as when I started more than a decade ago."