Matt Macduff – Ride The Sky

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During the winter, Matt Macduff always heads back to his hometown for the holidays which comes with a few mandatory visits to Ontario’s Joyride 150 Indoor Bikepark. With so many videos at Joyride 150 under his belt, it’s always a … Read More

Matt Macduff Training for Reverence

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Matt Macduff recently got the closing part in the new Reverence movie which focuses on diving into an athlete’s mind to understand what is fear, and how to overcome it. Peep this quick video of Matt talking the prepartion for … Read More

Video: Poco Loco in Gran Canaria

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After getting a taste of one of the Canary islands last year, the boys knew they had to head back and explore a new one. Beautiful weather and insane architecture made Gran Canaria the perfect spot! Watch Walter Mayerhofer and … Read More

Dank Tank with Matt Macduff

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Dank Tank is a new Video Serie hosted by our friends at TRH Bar where they mainly interview athletes from the Skateboarding community while consuming a little greenery. For the third episode, they invited our own Matt Macduff over to … Read More

Video: Lőrincz Péter 2018

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Lőrincz Péter just released a new video and it goes hard. From every barspin combination possible to a bunnyhop switch tailwhip, the Romanian rider is on fire right now, can’t wait to see more footage from this guy! 

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