Episode 04 of the Partymaster Tour 2019

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Pavel and Aidan in their natural element
The kids absolutely loved every second of the shows

In the fourth episode, the crew heads towards Shawinigan as they are invited to perform at an awesome festival. Tribal Fest is a 3-day festival merging music, sports, art, food and beer which, you guessed it, is a perfect fit for the Partymaster Tour. Russian rider Pavel Alekhin has his own Freestyle Shows back in Russia, it was great to have him share his experience with the rest of the crew as some of the guys had never done shows before. The city is located right by a lake, making it an ideal location for a lake jump to cool off in between the regular shows. The lake jump ended up being tons of fun despite sending one of the boys to the hospital.

Louis Lhomel hitthe eject button on a backflip superman seatgrab attempt
Pray that your chain doesn't snap
Isaac always takes good care of the crew
How often do you get to ride inside a Brewery? Matt Macduff throwing the Bars at Trou du Diable.

Since the festival is located in Shawinigan, it was the perfect occasion to head over to Trou Du Diable for a visit. Isaac Tremblay, founder of Trou Du Diable, took the whole crew to the brewery for a complete tour where he explained everything there is to know about the beer they’re drinking since the first Partymaster Tour.

Cody Gessel casually sending it full speed to the moon
The Rise Partymasters impatiently waiting for the session to start
The left a little gift at The Yard to decorate the empty wall

The next morning, they head towards Ottawa and stop at the newly built indoor park called The Yard. The session started slow because of the intense heat but as soon as the sun went down, the riding reached another level. There is no doubt this session will be remembered as one of the heaviest sessions of the tour.

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