Brewcycled: World’s First Beer made of Recycled Tires

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Montreal, Canada – The Rise Bicycles inc. (TSX: TRBC) today announces that it has patented a new brewing process as the result of a partnership with Shawinigan Beer Brewery Le Trou Du Diable inc. The patented technology makes it possible to extract micro carbon-potassium dioxide molecules from Styrene-butadiene elastic polymers, mainly used in the manufacturing of bicycle and automotive tires. The patented technology makes it possible to use recycled tires as the primary ingredient used for Beer brewing, replacing half the grains with a mixture made entirely of recycled materials. In an initiative to leave a positive impact on the environment and a greener tomorrow, The Rise worked in close collaboration with the Canadian Biochemical Research Institute (CBRI) to come up with a solution that would effectively extract the molecules from old tires.

Trou Du Diable Founder Isaac explaing how the new Chronical Fermenter works

The new process is solving a decades-long issue the world was having with old tires. Without any efficient process to efficiently recycle them, they end up getting piled up in scrap yards for years and years. With this new technology, only minimal changes have to be made to any brewery to be able to use then as beer’s primary ingredient once shredded. – Alex Standford, CBRI

Victoriaville's Garage Dubé & fils inc. agreed to supply the old tires
Old Tires getting Shredded before entering the Brewery

World’s first Rubber Stout, the Brewcycled, combines the typical dark body and creamy notes expected from a Stout with slightly stronger hoppy bitter flavors characterized by American Stouts. The Brewcycled is a 7% highly roasted beer with high malt flavors reminding a delicate taste of coffee and white chocolate. Be on the lookout for Brewcycled as it is scheduled to hit the shelves shortly all around North America.

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