Greg and Corey

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Good video of Corey Dewey and Greg Flag shredding Southparc skatepark. These guys got skills, for real! Greg and Corey from mtlbmx on Vimeo.

2500 km in a weekend

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Heres a little story that Vincent Allard sent me. Its about a trip he went on few weeks ago, pretty interesting. “I got an invitation from Andrew Bigelow and Kent Woods a couple weeks ago to film them at Rays … Read More

Writing on the wall

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All the parts of the nike video are available on the internet since yerterday or so, but now you can watch the whole video on nike6.0’s website and it sould be downloadable soon. I am personally not a big fan … Read More


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Andrew Pike from Alberta sent me this video featuring him and a bunch of his friends I guess. The video is pretty cool, Andrew said its some old footage that “Kyle” put together, so the video credit goes to Kyle … Read More

Geoff Costigan

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Nothing to post today, so heres a nice photo I found while surfing the internet. Its a downside tailwhip by Geoff Costigan, hes from Alberta. Pretty sick photo! Photo cred goes to Luc Wilson.

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